Our recognition of the role of the legislator in modernizing legislations to supplement the development of our age and to tackle future challenges, our belief in our Company is role as a symbol and proof of a capitalist democratic system which is ruled by the individuals themselves and as a continuation to our Fathers philanthropic course we present our first work on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the establishment of our Office to each contributor in effecting this Law, the Companies Law,and to each person who shall contribute through its application to impel the economy to a brighter future.

Nabeel Law Offices Company Team
A (Civil) Limited Liability Company

Companies LawArabic English
Electricity Law Arabic English
Border Procedures Instructions Arabic English
Companies General Assembly Meetings Arabic English
Electronic Transactions Law Arabic English
Exempt Companies Regulation Arabic English
Free Zones Investment Regulation Arabic English
Instructions For Registration And Licensing Of Corporations At The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Arabic English
Instructions for the Execution of a Judicial Order1997 Arabic English
Labour Law Arabic English
Non Profit Companies Regulation Arabic English
Regulation For Incorporation Of The Limited liability Company Arabic English
Regulation For Registration And Licensing Of Corporations In The Free Zones No. (58) Arabic English
Regulation For Registration Of Corporations At The Aqaba Special Economic Zone No. (13) For The Year 2001 Arabic English
Regulation For Regulating The Investments Of Non-Jordanians Arabic English
Regulation For The Investment Of Private Free Zones Arabic English
Scientific Research Support Fund Regulation Arabic English
Table Of Contents Of The Companies Regulation Arabic English
The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Law Arabic English
The Copyright Protection Law Arabic English
The Free Zones Corporation Law Arabic English
The Geographic Indicators Law Arabic English
The Goods Marks Law Arabic English
The Interim Investment Law Arabic English
The Protection of New Varieties of Plants Law Arabic English
The Temporary Anti-Trust Law Arabic English
Trade Names Law Arabic English
Trade Secrets Arabic English
Trademark Law Arabic English