Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Department of Palestinian Affairs
Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Agriculture

  • Agricultural Credit Corporation
  • National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension

Ministry of Culture

  • Department of The National Library
  • Royal Cultural Center
Ministry of Awqaf Islamic Affairs and Holy Places

Ministry of Awqaf Islamic Affairs and Holy Places

  • Awqaf Properties Development Department
  • Hajj Fund
  • Zakat Fund Directorate
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
Ministry of Transport

Ministry of Transport

  • Aqaba Railway Corporation
  • Jordan Hijaz Railway Corporation
  • Jordan Maritime Authority
  • Jordan Meteorological Department
  • Land Transport Regulatory commission

Ministry of Finance

  • Department of Lands and Survey
  • Free Zones Corporation
  • General Budget Department
  • General Supplies Department
  • Income and Sales Tax Department
  • Jordan Customs

Ministry of Industry and Trade

  • Civil Service Consumer Corporation
  • Companies Control Department
  • Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation
  • Jordan Industrial Estates Company
  • Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization

Ministry of Interior

  • Civil Defense Directorate
  • Civil Status and Passports Department
  • Public Security Directorate
  • The general directorate of gendarmes

Ministry of Justice

  • Judicial Institute of Jordan

Ministry of Municipal Affairs

  • Cities and Villages Development Bank

Ministry of Public Sector Development

  • Institute of Public Administration

Ministry of Public Works and Housing

  • Government Tenders Directorate
  • Housing and Urban Development Corporation

Ministry of Labor

  • Social Security Corporation
  • Social Security Investment Fund
  • Vocational Training Corporation

Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

  • Department of Antiquities
  • Jordan Tourism Board

Ministry of Water and Irrigation

  • Jordan Valley Authority
  • Water Authority