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In 1917, Issa Ibrahim Nabeel, came to the former capital of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Al-Salt, and started working as an Attorney General.

In 1952, Shafiq Issa Nabeel established Shafiq Nabeel Law Office, in Amman, the present capital of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan that would specialize in serving the local needs of both Jordanian and International business clients. Towards that goal he was later joined, by Tareq S. Nabeel in 1968, Nivin S. Nabeel in 1983, and finally Tareef S. Nabeel in 1988, to form Nabeel Law Offices. In 1998 Ghada I. Abu Ragheb joined the firm as a Partner.

In 2005, Nabeel Law Offices, A Limited Liability Company, was transferred to a Private (Civil) Shareholding Company, with capital amount of (1 000 000) ONE MILLION Shares, where Advocate Tareef S. Nabeel owns (10%), and the remaining (90%) are bearer Shares.

The firm’s main office is in Amman, Jordan, and is led by experienced lawyers and legal consultants who are transacting the firm’s business in Arabic and English. The firms combined years of extensive legal experience and skills, including arbitration, advocacy, private client counseling, consultancy and legal drafting, reach well beyond any narrow legal form or single-minded approach to achieving results for clients.

In 2012, the firm established The Legal Aid, to offer support and serve the less fortunate, and to bringing out public awareness. As we believe that we will help to bring hope, aid and comfort to a wider spectrum of those who need it, whoever and wherever they are.

On the same year, the firm established Al Nabeel for Legal Transition; a Company specialized in Legal Translation, as we believe that translation is a mixture of art, innovation skills and technical legal ability In 2014, the firm established The Franchise House,. Buying a franchise can be an investment in your future. But as with any major decision, you should thoroughly research the franchise industry, the franchise model and the pros and cons of owning a franchise. That’s why the Franchise House has developed a resource full of tips and information to help you get started. Congratulations on taking the first step towards being in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

As a modern, progressive corporation, the Franchise House sets itself apart through its people, culture, and its attitude to change. Quality is a matter of personal pride to everyone and staff of the highest caliber are recruited and retained by the Franchise House. Collaborative working and innovative thinking is encouraged and supported at all levels, meaning that clients enjoy an offering that is constantly evolving and improving to meet their changing needs. This has led to pioneering approaches to the business such as genuine project management and measurement of results that leads to cost predictability and control. In particular, the Franchise House is noted for effectively delivering complex, multi-national business services through one point of contact.

We believe that EVERYONE within our practice has a commitment to understand the needs of our clients and to structure our services to deal effectively with those needs. Our belief expands further than the mere provision of a mere legal service, but rather the ability to build a long-term relationship. We thus aim to work with our clients in partnership to achieve mutual goals, in order to provide total solutions and the best possible legal advice in a manner that adheres to the highest standards of excellence and integrity.

Client Confidentiality & Commitment

Confidentiality of information on services provided by the firm is one of the firm’s key organizational policies. The firm ensures confidentiality by applying a number of strict rules in connection with the Firm’s personnel and also in streamlining the method of handling such information.

The Territory That Nabeel Law May Assist:
Due to the fact that the major (prime) field of specialization of Nabeel Law in Corporate Commercial, Nabeel Law Board of Directors along with the Board Of Trusties, approved to expand the law firm services to(1) Northern Iraq, (2) Egypt, (3) Syria,(4) Lebanon, (5) Palestine National Authority and (6) United Arab Emirates.

Method of Requesting Legal consultant:
Nabeel Law Offices, a (Civil) Private Shareholding Company, Usually provides its clients with legal consultant in a form of a (1) Hourly rate, (2) Fixed rates, (3) Contingent fees, (4) Retainer. We provide our clients with the required legal advice on all legal matters related to the Client’s business in Jordan, namely and specially includes the following.

1.To give legal advice and consultation in all matters requested by the client, even if it was on daily basis, whereas the attorney will provide his answer within (12) – (24) hours, unless it was requested as an expeditious matter, therefore the attorney will provide his answer within not more that (8) working hours.
2.Prepare the legal detailed studies, and provide the suggestions that Nabeelaw sees it agreeable with the client’s interest.
3.Organize and review the legal documents that the client may ask for or provide regarding its work.
4.Prepare forms in general that will be used by the client, after having the Attorney reviews all the documents and the already used forms.
5.Prepare different systems for the client’s employees to facilitate the work and provide the legal opinions and consultations in all matters related to the clients employees, and go through the different work relationships.
6.Review the legal situation of the client and its employees at the Ministry of Labor and the Social Security Department, or any relations the client and its employees may have in the future towards any Official or National Authority.
7.Notify the Client through detailed memos about the laws and rules, and regulations in general.
8.The Legal Agreement does not include taking actions to settle any claim either amicably or through any legal action or filing law suits or submit pleadings at the Courts or Juridical Institutes or Arbitration Authorities, or represent the client in any claim or suit to settle it amicably or juridical, whether it was a claim or suit or complaint raised by the client or against him, whereas to agree on the special attorney fees for such cases or procedures each at a time.
The Attorney’s intention of not including the legal procedures in the Agreement is confined in his wish to give the client the choice to contract with any of the specialized lawyers other than the lawyers that work with the Attorney and/or cooperate with them.

The Attorney’s Independence:
The Attorney is independent in giving the necessary legal opinion and he is committed to keep the secrecy of the information he gets as a rule law, and this commitment is effective before and after the end of the Agreement.

Fees and Expenses:
The Client is liable to settle and pay to the Attorney any fees and/or expenses accrued by the Attorney in and during the process of undertaking the tasks herein contained., The term fees and expenses shall include, as an example; any and all litigation and court fees and expenses, taxes and stamp duties, correspondence and communication expenses, stationery and transportation expenses, expertise expenses as well as any and all sums paid or expenses accrued in accordance with any law or ruling of judicial entities.

Method of Requesting Legal Issues:
All the legal matters should be requested and presented at the Attorney’s office unless the Attorney deems it necessary to move to the client’s offices taking into consideration the nature of the business. It is also possible to request business and provide legal opinion through any communication channel.

The client is committed as well as the Nabeelaw to provide the other party with the channel of communication each party is entitled to use in addressing the other party, in which each party has the right to change it, whereas changing the communication channel is not effective except after 7 days following the changing notice.

Language of Communication:
The client May choose to be communicated with either in Arabic or English.

Primary Attorney:
Advocate Tareef S. Nabeel, along with Mrs. Faten Abboud are the “Primary Attorney”. They will be responsible for handling matters on behalf of the Client. However, to insure that Client receives the best possible representation at the most reasonable fees, Primary Attorney shall, where appropriate, delegate work involving the Client to one or more of the Firm’s other associates or paralegals, where such delegation will not unreasonably compromise the services provided to the Client. In the event of such delegation, Primary Attorney shall remain responsible for overseeing the work and assuring proper performance.

No Guarantee:
Nabeel Law does not guarantee a particular result or the outcome of any matter; nevertheless the Nabeel Law must use its best efforts in representing the Client and to perform all services in a professional, diligent, and business-like manner.

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Nabeel Law Offices, A (Civil) privet Shareholding Company Villa No (35), Salem Hindawi Street Shimisani District, Al Abdalli District

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P. O. Box 926138 Amman 11190 Jordan