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Al Nabeel Parlor for Legal Translation Message

Legal translation is a mixture of art, innovation, skills and technical legal ability which forms a pride source for us as we embrace such abilities that render the legal translation a comprehensive and distinguished work. Al Nabeel Bureau for Legal Translation includes a competent, high responding and committed team of translators.

We work as a team where we enjoy the competence, experience and the ability to flag each project highly important and treat each client as the sole client each time we deal with him or her. Legal translation requires the craft, diligence and legal knowledge which distinguish us from others in the field of legal translation and interpretation.

Who we are?

Al Nabeel Bureau for Legal Translation has been established as a subsidiary company of Nabeel Law Offices. It is incorporated to conduct Legal Translation specifically after having accrued enough years of experience to establish a non-traditional translation company.

Al Nabeel Bureau for Legal Translation excels the client’s expectations and service recipient; we use the newest and recent techniques and follow a strict excellent guarantee policy.

What distinguishes Al Nabeel Parlor for Legal Translation?

Simply, we are specialized in legal translation exclusively; we don’t seek any future expansion except within the specialized legal translation field. We have an abundant record with success in translating different legal acts.


The services

Due to the fact that we are exclusively specialized in legal translation where all our legal translators are licensed to practice the legal profession, our services are limited to legal interpretation , legal documents translation, technical legal translation, progressive legal translation, present legal interpretation, and whisper interpreting.

Al Nabeel for Legal Translation

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