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Buying a franchise can be an investment in your future. But as with any major decision, you should thoroughly research the franchise industry, the franchise model and the pros and cons of owning a franchise. That’s why the Franchise House has developed a resource full of tips and information to help you get started. Congratulations on taking the first step towards being in business for yourself, but not by yourself.
Who we are?
The Franchise House, is a Jordanian corporation representing franchising worldwide, uniquely positioned to help our clients achieve their ambitions in today’s G20 world. As a pioneering international franchise corporation, our cross-border expertise and diverse team of local, Jordanian, and English-qualified experts consistently deliver results for our clients.
What distinguishes the Franchise House?

The diversity of our team members’ experience means they can offer the full spectrum of assistance for business or personal matters from straightforward to complex issues. Their philosophy is to provide personal, friendly, and efficient service.
The services:

We use the best of our technical and international expertise and local knowledge to find practical ways to help our clients achieve their business objectives.As a modern, progressive corporation, the Franchise House sets itself apart through its people, culture, and its attitude to change. Quality is a matter of personal pride to everyone and staff of the highest caliber are recruited and retained by the the Franchise House. Collaborative working and innovative thinking is encouraged and supported at all levels, meaning that clients enjoy an offering that is constantly evolving and improving to meet their changing needs. This has led to pioneering approaches to the business such as genuine project management and measurement of results that leads to cost predictability and control. In particular, the Franchise House is noted for effectively delivering complex, multi-national business services through one point of contact.